A downloadable game for Windows

Game Description

Landing in a new and surreal world you need to survive. Avoid being hit and killed by enemies within each level. Falling past the platforms will deal you damage as well and sends you to the beginning. On each level your life will be replenished but if you die you will have to start from the beginning. To move on you need to survive to the end of each level which will get progressively harder.

Key Features

There is a double jump to get to hard places and save yourself if you miss the platform. Holding down the 'up' button makes the jump last longer.

You can move back and forth throughout each level to navigate your way around to avoid enemies.

There is a health bar to show you when your life is getting low.

There are three locations.

Release Date: 26th June 2015

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Personal/Company Bio:

18, first year studying at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand.

First ever game I have made.

Contact me at: galaxygames099@gmail.com


Descend.exe 4 MB